Collection: Desks

  • About our desks

    With the democratization of telework , it is becoming urgent to furnish your office area effectively. However, if the desk is a piece of furniture intended for work, it should not come to undermine the decoration of your room. Whether it is in a regular room, the living room or the bedroom, a desk must above all be a functional and practical piece of furniture. To adapt discreetly to your decor, it must also be sober and elegant.

  • Install a practical desk with storage space

    It is in this state of mind that we have designed our desks at KULILE. Whether you need it occasionally for your creative activities or whether you use it every day of the week for work, our offices are designed to be above all functional. Equipped with storage compartments and spaces to store cables, the dimensions of KULILE desks are designed to make your furniture compact and practical. Furnish an office area that suits you with our wooden desks which adapt to all decorations thanks to their version in natural oak or honey oak.

  • Arrange an office area according to its decor

    In a child's room, our desks in light wood , colored or not, will delight the little ones with their simplicity and their different look.

    In a living room, an adult's bedroom or an appointed room, honey oak desks will provide both a cocooning and modern atmosphere, while natural oak desks will blend easily into your decor in complete discretion.

  • Choose an desk with a low environmental impact

    The wood in our desks is strong and durable . It is European and FSC certified. FSC certification is a demanding label that guarantees that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests. In addition to being made with quality materials, our desks are manufactured locally , in Portugal, and delivered in Europe. We work with Portuguese and French carpenters to ensure the highest quality of our furniture.

    Our offices are solid, durable and eco-designed. Choose an eco -responsible office with desks signed KULILE.

    You can discover our eco-commitment and our philosophy as a furniture designer.

    Our mission: To create quality furniture that serves everyday life and to do it well.