FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find all the answers to the questions we are asked the most. If you have any other questions, you can contact us at hello@kulile.fr or via our contact form .

In which countries do you deliver?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Kulile company located?

Kulile is a Portuguese company, based in Portugal, but founded and managed by a Frenchwoman: Marion Descottes. Close ties unite us to both France and Portugal, which is why we manufacture some of our products in Portugal and others in France.

Can I customize the color of a Kulile piece of furniture?

Yes ! Our furniture is customizable according to the colors available in our shop. If you like a piece of furniture, but you would like it in another color seen on our site, contact us ! We will manufacture your furniture especially for you.

How to take care of Kulile furniture?

Kulile's furniture, veneered in oak, is unique since it is real wood and not imitation. This type of wood requires regular maintenance. To do this, use a little soapy water on a sponge and then wipe with a soft cloth.

For furniture or parts of furniture in solid oak, note that this type of wood is sensitive to humidity.

To care for all wooden Kulile furniture, dust it regularly.

Where can I find Kulile products?

You will find all our products directly on our online store www.kulile.fr.

You can also find our products at our partners Maison du Monde , The Cool Republic , Makers.Store , Bien ou Bien and MoodnTone .

Can I cancel my order after shipment?

Once the shipment has been made, the customer can no longer cancel his order. He will have 14 days (Sundays and holidays included) from the date of receipt of the products to withdraw and initiate the process of returning the product.

Deliveries and returns

In which countries do you deliver?

We deliver to all European countries.

What are the shipping times?

In order to respect our eco-commitment, we have chosen not to produce our products in excess. We thus avoid the waste of raw materials linked to the risk of unsold products, and of storage energy. Thus, we have a limited stock of certain products and a production to order operation for others. Our delivery times therefore depend on our stocks.

The products indicated in stock are dispatched within 2 working days .
Products whose finishes are made by hand (colored furniture in particular) are shipped within 3 to 4 weeks .
Finally, products made to order will be shipped to you within 5 to 6 weeks .

What are the shipping fees ?

Delivery costs depend on the type of items. On our online store www.kulile.fr, delivery is free. With our partners, it ranges from €10 to €70.

What are the delivery times ?

Delivery times (from dispatch) are 7 to 10 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) with DHL.

How to return a product ?

Delivery Information

It is your responsibility, upon receipt of your order, to check the condition of your packages and your furniture in the presence of the deliverers. Any anomaly noted must be immediately specified on the delivery note in the presence of the delivery person.

If the packaging and the product are damaged, you must not accept the package and write on the delivery note “refusal, package and product damaged”.

If you nevertheless accept the package, it is imperative to write “damaged package” on the delivery slip. Without the mention “damaged package” on the delivery note, we will not be able to file a claim with the carrier. In addition, to make a claim with the carrier, you must provide us with:

photos of the package AND the damaged furniture keep all the packaging for the return

We will not be able to make a refund if all these indications are not respected.

Withdrawal period :

You have 14 days (Sundays and public holidays included) from the date of receipt of the products to change your mind and be reimbursed.

To be returned in the event of a withdrawal on your part, the product must be in its original packaging, not have been used and not have suffered even minimal deterioration. We will not be able to process your return if the packaging or the product is damaged.

Returns :

For the management of returns following a withdrawal or a complaint, we call on SmartBack, an expert in responsible management of furniture returns. Thus, each piece of furniture returned will either be resold, repaired or donated to an association only 30 kilometers from your home.

To make your return request, please complete this form within 24 hours. Smartback will come back to you as soon as possible to organize an appointment for the recovery according to the time slots of your choice.

Return costs:

The return costs are your responsibility, except in the case of delivery of a product with a manufacturing defect (Prices applicable in France excluding DOM-TOM and Corsica).

0-30 kg: 45€ (Supplement piece of choice 7€)30-40 kg: 58€ (Supplement piece of choice 12€)40-60 kg: 72€ (Supplement piece of choice 20€)60-70 kg: 80€ (Supplement piece of choice 25€)70-90 kg: 95€ (Supplement piece of choice 30€)

If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@kulile.fr