Collection: Living room

  • The living room, the perfect family space

    The living room is the ideal room in the house to share beautiful moments of conviviality. With family or friends, there are many occasions to make the most of this super space. It is essential for a living room to be comfortable, welcoming and practical on a daily basis. With Kulile you can choose a coffee table, a console, a beautiful bookcase and plenty of good eco-friendly solid furniture that will last a lifetime! Furnish your living room with a simple elegance and that timeless KULILE style.

  • How to properly furnish your living room?

    Your living room must adapt to your daily activities . Whether you are alone, as a couple, with friends or with children, the living room is the heart of the house . It should offer you both the convenience of an organized daily life and the warmth of a relaxing environment . Depending on the season, you can also imagine your living room in different ways by playing on the interior decoration.

    On the furniture side, think above all about furnishing your living room with practical and solid furniture . The space must be well defined and optimized. Don't neglect the small spaces in your room. The essentials of the living room are obviously the sofa, but also the coffee table , the low cabinet, the bookcase and the storage column .

  • Our ideas for an eco-responsible living room

    Are you a fan of sustainable decor and want to furnish your living room in the most eco-responsible way possible? Kulile offers you some ideas. In addition to the layout of eco-designed furniture , made locally with natural materials, an eco-responsible living room is a timeless living room . Indeed, the objective of your layout is not to get tired of your decor for many years! To avoid having an interior decoration that seems outdated or outdated, the solution is to adopt a style that never goes out of style, timeless. For this, we recommend 5 types of interior decoration that have been proven for several decades:

    · The minimalist style with neutral tones.

    · The industrial interior that mixes wood with metal.

    · The Scandinavian style that combines comfort with aesthetics.

    · Art deco decoration with geometric lines and artistic shapes.

    · The chic bohemian atmosphere that promotes calm and serenity.

    KULILE has thought out the design of all its furniture so that it adapts to these 5 styles of interior decoration.