We are an eco-committed company. Discover our actions and commitments to participate in the sustainability of our sector.

Since its first hours, KULILE has chosen to reflect on its impact on the environment . While the world is experiencing an unprecedented environmental crisis, and the ecological emergency dimension is deeply embedded in consumer behavior, we wanted to take a concrete part in the subject by participating in the acceleration of the ecological transition of the sector. furniture .

Here you will find our commitments to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible throughout our activity.

You can also discover our philosophy and our approach to sustainable furniture here.

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  • Our furniture is made of wood. It is a natural material, but that was not enough for us to consider ourselves a " creator of sustainable furniture ". We have made a point of sourcing wood from sustainably and responsibly managed forests . Thus, we turned to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) label.

    It is a very demanding label which guarantees that the wood we use complies with sustainable forest management procedures. Beyond forest management alone, the FSC label is also mobilized against environmental degradation , in terms of biodiversity and landscapes , but also against the social upheaval that can be caused by poor forest management.

    Our FSC label guarantees that our furniture is made with wood from legal, sustainably managed forestry . It assures you that our creations are not linked to deforestation and that the wood we use for our furniture does not harm biodiversity . Finally, the FSC label certifies that our wood does not come from forests of genetically modified trees or that it has not been harvested in violation of the traditional or civil rights of the populations. In short, this label proves to you that we are an eco-responsible furniture designer .

  • Did you know that only 7% of the sums dedicated to philanthropy go to environmental causes? Yet the environmental problems we face and will face are immense. This is why KULILE is committed to 1% for the Planet.

    The mission of 1% for the Planet is to increase environmental philanthropy and increase the impact on the ground of the actions carried out by environmental protection associations by facilitating their search for funds.

    As members of the association, we are committed to donating at least 1% of our sales to environmental causes. This commitment is proof that we really care about the environment.

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  • Thanks to 1% for the Planet, we were able to discover the Cœur de Forêt association and join their mobilization program for the preservation and reforestation of French forests .

    Cœur de Forêt is an association for the preservation of forests in France and abroad, which has been working since 2005 on the causes of deforestation and forest degradation. We joined their France Lot program. This project aims to preserve the French forest and to reconnect the citizens and owners of small forests to their forest .

    This membership is proof of our desire to minimize our impact on the planet while supporting associations that have a positive impact.

  • Mobilier écoresponsable, cycle de vie des meubles KULILE
  • By giving a second life to all our products.

    Thanks to our partnership with SMARTBACK , our furniture is upgraded and thus lives longer!

    It's simple, whether you choose to change KULILE furniture after many years of good and loyal service, or whether you decide to withdraw following your purchase, our partner selects the optimal second life according to the condition of the furniture.

    Indeed, as soon as a customer returns a product that is no longer in its original packaging or that has a slight defect, we can no longer put it back in stock. Bringing it back to our warehouses is very expensive and often useless since it will not be sold. It's a waste !

    We have therefore chosen Smartback to organize the best second life of our products. With each return, depending on their condition and location, KULILE furniture is resold, repaired, donated to associations, upcycled or recycled, all near you.

    It is our partner who organizes the return of the furniture to your home and according to your availability: you have nothing to do.

    Thus, the loop of the life cycle of our product is complete!

Kulile's DNA is built around a credo: Wood For Good

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