Collection: Bedside tables

  • About our nightstands

    The bedside table or bedside table is a discreet little piece of furniture, but very practical. Generally installed in a bedroom, next to the bed, bedside tables can also be set up in other rooms of the house as support tables.

    Our bedside tables are designed to accompany you in your daily life. They are the companions of your nights, the custodians of your days. “At your bedside”, our bedside tables watch over you and respect the constraints of your bedroom.

  • Set up a sleeping area that looks like us

    Practical, discreet and stylish , they fit easily into all styles of decoration. Our bedside tables are both functional pieces of furniture and assets of your decoration. Decorate your sleeping area in your image with one of our wooden bedside tables .

    In a cocooning room , our bedside tables will be your best allies for well-being: they will support your cups of hot tea and your book of the moment, while their storage areas, exposed or hidden, will allow you to keep all your favorite small objects from daily at hand.

    In a sober and natural bedroom , our bedside tables will fit perfectly with their elegant and discreet design.

    Finally, our bedside tables are also ideal for furnishing small children's rooms or bedrooms in the attic , thanks to their small dimensions.

  • Choosing a piece of furniture made with respect

    KULILE bedside tables are made in Europe, in FSC-certified European wood . FSC certification ensures that our furniture is made from wood from sustainably managed forests.

    Our bedside tables are solid, durable and eco-designed. Choose an eco- responsible bedside table with a KULILE nightstand.

    You can discover Our eco-commitment and Our philosophy as a furniture designer.

    Our mission: To create quality furniture that serves everyday life and do it well.